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The passionate and dynamic world of Andalusian Flamenco, and this fervor has found its place in the world of VISANZ's jewelry. With its heart-pounding rhythms, fervent emotions, and dramatic movements, Flamenco has inspired a unique range of jewelry that encapsulates the essence of this art form. With swirling silhouettes these pieces reflect the fiery love, power, and emotion of Flamenco in a way that leaves you absolutely spellbound.

Nature as an inspiration for VISANZ jewelry

They are pieces of a simple language, with elegant lines and refined forms, capable of communicating great differences through minimal elements and gestures. This appreciation of simplicity invites us to appreciate the beauty and grace that can be found in forms as basic and as complex as a circle or an unfolded plane.

"The beauty of nature connected with the elegance of precious metal".
The ALFALFA collection is a thematic inspiration based on the evolution of a plant from a bud, in which we find a series of unusual shapes, organic textures and eye-catching patterns.

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