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Terms & Conditions

elegant jewelry, handmade

1. Terms and Conditions of Purchase

About this document and its acceptance: 

These general conditions apply to all purchases made on the website, owned by

VIVIANA SANZ PEREZ, domiciled in BAD NAUHEIM, tax code 16 863 61661 - NAST.

If you have any questions, please contact me by e-mail:,

or by phone +49 157 89486168.

The website is responsible for the transactions. Credit card data is entered on a secure page.


2. Activity

VISANZ, is a project dedicated to the design, manufacture, and sale of author's jewelry through the site A collection of models with all the guarantees of delivery in perfect condition is available to the customers.


3. Contents and information provided on the website

VISANZ makes available to the users of its website, truthful information about the products and services offered, as well as about the history and philosophy of the brand. In addition, customers will have at their disposal a presentation of products, with images and updated price information.

The models sold in VISANZ are individually handmade, so their presentation may vary slightly from the one offered in these images, although this will not affect their quality.

Viviana Sanz makes every effort to ensure that all information provided on its website is correct and error-free, so that, if any typographical error, misprint or similar is detected, it will be corrected immediately. However, if, before being corrected, this possible error had conditioned the purchase decision of a customer before and before delivery, this will be communicated to him so that he can proceed as desired; the buyer may cancel his order without any cost, canceling it immediately, or modifying those elements affected by the possible error, applying its correct conditions and therefore paying or returning the resulting economic difference.

Also, the contents of the website may vary without notice, since VISANZ models are unique, and may vary and change as they are sold, so it is quite possible that the products in its catalog will change, some disappearing and / or including new ones. However, these changes will not affect the products included in orders already formalized, waiting to be delivered.


4. How to buy

Once the desired product or products have been chosen and included in the "shopping cart" by clicking on the "Add to cart" button, the order will only have to be processed, accessing "View cart" (where the selected products and quantities can be modified), and clicking on the "Finalize Purchase" button.

Subsequently, only the delivery data must be included (if the order is to be sent at home), and "Place the order" once the preferred method of payment has been selected.


5. Taxes applicable

The prices of all products displayed on the website are inclusive of applicable taxes.


6. Method of payment

When placing the order, the customer may freely choose to pay for purchases made by the payment methods described on the website itself: PayPal; or bank transfer (in which case, the order will not be processed until the amount has been received in the account indicated for this purpose). If you choose to make a bank transfer, you must request the bank details by email to

VISANZ will be able to modify these methods of payment, being able to eliminate some of the indicated ones, and/or to include new ones, as long as these fulfill the necessary guarantees of quality and security.

7. Shipments. Form, terms and costs

Customers may place orders to be shipped to their homes.

By the very nature of the product, it is subject to special shipping conditions so that before any shipment VISANZ will contact the customer to ensure the feasibility of the shipment as well as the best way to get the requested product to the customer.

The home delivery of orders will be made through a contracted courier service, which will have the customer's contact details for the sole purpose of providing the contracted service.

The shipping costs in Germany will be 6 € (these costs include insurance).

For international shipments within the European Union will be 15 €.

If at the time of delivery, you are not present at the indicated address, the shipping company will leave a notice and will contact you to arrange delivery.

The estimated delivery time for Germany is 10 working days.

Delivery hours are Monday to Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. Holidays are excluded from these hours.


International Shipments (Chile)

Viviana Sanz will do her best to deliver as soon as possible.

Sales will be made only if the requested model exists in Santiago, for this the customer can manage your purchase to the address, once the customer transfers 50% of the total value, begins the process of manufacturing the model, once it is in Chile, you must transfer the remaining 50% and will be notified in a timely manner the day and place where it can be withdrawn.

8. Buyer's rights and return policy

Right of revocation:

The Customer has the right to revoke the order requested within seven days of receipt of the same, upon communication to Viviana Sanz (by email to:, with a refund of the price paid for it.

The order must be returned with all the products to be returned and original packaging of the products in perfect condition.

Return due to product defects, defects in transport or shipping error:

If at the time of delivery it is appreciated in a visible and clear way, without the need to manipulate the shipping packaging or the product itself, that a product has defects caused by transport damage or it is appreciated, in the same way, an error in the goods received, the customer must notify Viviana Sanz (by email addressed to: within 24 hours of receipt of the order in order to urge the return of the product or products affected.

Returned parts cannot be refunded if the part is used, in bad condition or manipulated.

Parts that have been damaged or broken because of carelessness or negligence are not covered by this warranty.

If, due to VISANZ's error, the customer receives a product other than the one ordered, it will be recalled, and the correct product will be delivered at no additional charge.

9. Customer's obligations

The customer agrees to the full and unreserved acceptance of these Conditions of Purchase, as well as the use of the contents of the site in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The customer will be responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the purchase forms (shipping information, billing, registration ...) and to keep it properly updated.

The customer must be of legal age. In the case of a minor under 18 years of age, the customer must make the purchase under the supervision and with the authorization of a legal guardian, who for all legal purposes will be the end user, responsible for the purchase.

The customer undertakes to keep strictly confidential your personal access codes to your VISANZ account, assuming therefore the possible damages arising from the breach or disclosure of the same, as well as the misuse that could make a third party because of the breach of this duty.

It is the responsibility of the customer to enable the delivery of the order on the date and time indicated, providing for this purpose a truthful delivery address, in which it can be collected by the holder of the purchase or the person who has been assigned for this purpose. In the event of failure to comply with this obligation, VISANZ shall have no liability whatsoever for any delays or impediments to delivery.

If the customer does not open the door and does not answer the telephone within 10 minutes after the delivery person arrives at the address provided, VISANZ reserves the right to cancel the delivery and leave the place, without the customer being entitled to any refund.

10. Exemptions of Responsibility

The user is obliged to make reasonable use of the website and its contents, according to the possibilities and purposes for which they are intended.

Viviana Sanz is not responsible for damages arising from the possible misuse of its website or its contents could be made by users.

Viviana Sanz will ensure, to the extent of its own technical and human resources, the proper functioning of the website, as well as its content is correct and truthful. However, Viviana Sanz cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other harmful elements introduced by third parties that could cause damage or alterations in the computer system, electronic documents, or files of users of the page.

11. Protection of personal data:

The collection and processing of personal data provided by the user, as well as the exercise of the user's rights over such data, shall be governed by the privacy policy of Viviana Sanz.

In VISANZ treat the information you provide to manage the contractual relationship that binds us, manage the delivery of the information you request, provide interested parties with offers of our services and / or products of interest:

Your data will be kept the minimum time necessary for the proper provision of the service offered as well as to meet the responsibilities that may arise from it and any other legal requirement.

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