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My history

I am Viviana Sanz,
architect - and model maker and I am behind the VISANZ project.
I have been designing my accessories and creating jewelry since I was a teenager in Chile. However, I never thought that this would become my passion and the opportunity to develop my creativity and imagination.
My workshop near Frankfurt in Germany is the place where I design my creations and practice the art of patience. As an artisan experimenting in a creative laboratory, I work from sketch to completion of unique, limited edition pieces. Each piece is handmade, with the peace and serenity they require until they meet my vision. That's why I only produce to order and not to stock.
My own workshop helps me to ensure that almost no stage has to be outsourced and that I can control the entire process of making them, because I believe that the beauty of things comes not only from their final form, but also from the way they are made.
I go into this project with all the enthusiasm in the world, I decided to trade the computer for fire, metal and constant experimentation.

Viviana Sanz at Museum of Architecture, Frankfurt
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